ESCI 310 Day 1 January 5

Dear Journal,

“What is Science?” Science is the study of how the natural world works. It is used for economic/technologic development. This was my original answer to the inquiry question when it was prompted at the beginning of my first ESCI 310 class.

My answer was just one of the many answers that were given in class. Comparing my answer to my classmates it’s a is very…rigid answer? Narrow answer? Well it is a very specific answer. It is a wrong answer? No, but from discussing the prompt “What is Science?” with my classmates, I think that my answer was… how do I describe this? Like if my answer was a arrow that hit the target, but not the bullseye.

Let’s looks at my some classmates answers.

Science is … how the world works

Science is … experimental

Science is … non-binary

Science is … classist

Science is … knowledge about anything

Science is … etc, etc, etc.

Like my answer, these answers are not wrong, but I think they not hitting the bullseye.

Like there’s no wrong answers. I think is really depends on the context.

In the future I will be teaching elementary grade students science. What is science for these elementary students?

By using the chart from the textbook, Natural Curisoity, I think science, in this context, is for learning the relationships between things and learn our relationship with them. But by the end of this ESCI course my answer might change.

Table 1: Relating Indigenous Perspectives to Natural Curiosity
Preface to

Indigenous PerspectiveNatural Curiosity
Strong sense of spiritualityBranch I – Inquiry and Engagement
Deeply rooted in placeBranch II – Experiential Learning
Recognition that everything
is related
Branch III – Integrated Learning
Emphasis on reciprocityBranch IV – Moving Toward
Anderson, D., Comay, J. & Chiarotto, L. (2017). Natural Curiosity 2nd Edition – A resource for educators: The Importance of Indigenous Perspectives in Children’s Environmental Inquiry.
ISBN: 978-0-7727-2643-8 (print) OR 978-0-7727-2644-5 (Electronic)

– Richelle

Course Inquiry Questions:

- What is science?

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