ERDG 310 Reflective Practice Week 11

During my pre-internship, I was only able to go to the library a few times. The library in the school where I was placed was a small library, but it was colourful and had different chairs, such as plastic chairs, wiggle chairs, and bean bags, where students could sit and read. Since it was women’s month, the librarian created a display of books by and about women and women of colour. They also used the library as a place to watch videos and movies. It created an environment where students wanted to go to the library to study and read. There were many times when students, with their teacher’s permission, asked if they could go to the library to work on homework.

In the ELA class, the teacher used “Barren Grounds” by David Robertson as their novel study. It is written by an Indigious-Canadian and is about Indigenous kids.  I was not able to see what books there were in the shelves, I saw some bilgiugal books on the tables in the staff room.


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