Professional Development Plans

My Initial Thoughts on Taking on a Teacher Career

In my first year of university, I thought of how in world the educators were going to teach me and my peers to be teachers. I thought they would focus a lot on teaching core subjects, like Math and English, curriculum, classroom management etc. things that you expected that teachers should know. When I started classes the professors taught all the things I mentioned before, but the professors had us questioned why educators teach the way they did. That really opened my mind to critically thinking about why things are the way they are.

Now I’m in my third of my bachelor of education (Middles Years). I have a good grasp on making lesson plans, but I do not feel confident in implementing them. A few other things I want to work on is:

  • To learn how to provide the mental health of students and confidently give them teacher support.
  • To take into account the individual learning styles of students and adapt my teaching methods accordingly.
  • To develop cultural sensitivity within myself and within my students