ESCI 310 Day 2 January 9

Dear Journal,

Like the previous class the professor start the class off with another prompt, “What is science education? My answer was. “Science education is education that focuses on things like biology, chemistry, astronomy, etc.”

Yeah, my answer hit the further rim from the bullesyes’. I realized that science education is

… to wonder

… to explore

… to be experimental

… to be experiential

… to be curious

… to inquiry

Science education is verb, not a noun.

– Richelle


Key terms – open ended questions, wonder. exploring, student based, experimental, experiential, curiosity, inquiry.

Pedagogies – student-centric, inquiry pedagogy, interdisciplinary (art).

Teacher’s rule – students are seen as experts, students are going to figure out the answer. Provided varied opportunities for learning, didn’t provide definition of ecosystem, acted as observer, facilitator with guiding questions. Used cumulating activities. (Initial Ecosystem Visualization, “What Is an Environment?” Graffiti, Glossary, Mind Map, Student’s Questions About Ecosystems, Student Ideas for “What Challenges Might an Ecologist Face?” Thinking About Biodomes: A Culminating Project, etc)

Vermicomposting – This is bin where the Red Wrigglers live

May I’ll write a journal about this…
Course Inquiry Questions:
- What is Science Education for?

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