ECS 303 References and Resources for Social and Ecological Justice


Airton, L. (2019). The Greater-Friendly Classroom. EdCan Network. Retrieved from

This article gives advice for creating a gender-friendly environment.


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Emotional Regulation [Electronic Image]. Just One Norfolk.

University of Regina [Electronic Image]. Purposeful International.

Instructional Approaches 

Guerra, R.N., McKay, A., Juma, S., (2020, October 29). Metacognition [PowerPoint slides]. Google Slides.

This Powerpoint presentation explains metacognition and how to use it in the classroom.


Cote-Meek. S., Moeke-Pickering, T. (2020). Decolonizing and Indigenizing Education in Canada. [PDF]. The Dynamics of Decolonization & Indigenization. file:///C:/Users/Meric/Downloads/The%20Dynamics%20of%20Decolonization%20&%20Indigenization%20(1).pdf

This journal explains how the decolonization and Indigenisation of Canadian education plays a part in truth and reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous peoples.


DiAngelo, R. (2016). WHITE FRAGILITY. Counterpoints, 497, 245-253. doi:10.2307/45157307

This book explores what it means to be white.

Planning for Differentiation 

Guerra, R.N. (2020, November 29). Who’s in my pocket? Narrative.  [Google Document]. Google Drive.

Guerra, R.N. (2020, November 9). ECS 303 Richelle Guerra Learning Practice Plan (Final Copy). [Word document]. Microsoft.!1452&ithint=file%2cdocx&authkey=!AA9Eg0fsW4K6J90

Resources for Social & Ecological Justice (Lesson Plans)

Guerra, R.N. (2020, November 29). Environmental Education. [Google Folder]. Google Drive.

This Google folder contains a compilation of lesson plans that relate to environmental education.

Guerra, R.N. (2020, November 29). Learner Profile – Planning for Differentiation. [Google Document]. Google Drive.

This Google document contains an example lesson plan that plans for student differentiation.

Guerra, R.N. (2020, November 29). Treaty Education Lesson Plans. [Google Folder]. Google Drive.

This Google folder contains a compilation of lesson plans that relates to Treaty education.