Week #3 Takeaway  

1. Benefits of using feedback for students: Feedback is a type of grading that does not punish students for being wrong. It is not punitive grading. Some of the benefits of using feedback instead of grading numbers are 1) letting students make and learn from mistakes without penalizing them. 2) Feedback also lets students know where they need to work on and know what they are doing and understanding correctly. And 3) It develops a student’s feedback skills and communication skills, whether assessing feedback given to them or giving feedback to their colleagues.

2. There are several ways to issue grades using feedback. Each way is suited to different assignments and situations.

3. Benefits for teachers: 1) It reduces stress from grading and how teachers feel about giving back grades out. 2) It helps teachers and students communicate with each other and advertently fosters good relationships between teachers, students, and their classmates.   

Nodelman, P. (1992). The Other: Orientalism, Colonialism, and Children’s Literature. Children’s Literature Association Quarterly.

(n.a). Teaching About Gender Diversity.


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