Reflective PracticeWeek #4

This week look into a current issue in the news relating to social justice or reading/literacy. Provide the link, a very brief overview and then your reflections on how it effects you as an educator or how you’d address with your class.

“Read the Books That Schools Want to Ban” by Emma Sarappo is a news article published by The Atlantic. Sarappo reports on the current book ban happening in the U.S.A., in such states as Texas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Most books that are banned deal with LGBTQ issues and race. The writer highlights the recent ban of Maus by Art Spiegelman and how its depiction of the Holocaust was the cause for its banning. The writer then lists out 14 books that have been and are currently on a book watch and the reasons that are banned.

As an educator, being aware of the reasons why certain books are banned in some school districts is a good start to discerning what books can or can not be let into your classroom. Reading to lists of banned books will also help educators understand who censorship is trying to silence. I think most importantly knowing the reasons why a book is banned will help an educator to argue and provide counter reasons why a banned book should be read in class.

News Article

Sarappo, E. (2022, February 1). Book Bans Are Back. Here’s What’s In Danger . Book Bans Are Back. Here’s What’s In Danger.


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