ESCI 310 Day 4 January 17

Nurturing a Sense of Wonder/Spirit of Learning Branch I/ Experimental Leaning/Building a Sense of belonging branch II

Dear Journal,

The class carried on from where we ended last week. The class finished up the Jigsaw from last class. Each group presented their poster to the class. My group presented about the Physical Characteristics of Red Wigglers. This is our final poster, as you can see we added a few more details.

So this activity I think really is might to “spark learning in students” by encouraging them to ask any questions about said topic and hypothesize answers even with limited evidence.

The key things I remember is that the prof stated that inquiry uses many activities to teach students, and usually these activities there are connected or interrelated. So it’s ok if one activity doesn’t teaches a student everything about a topic.

– Richelle

Course Inquiry Questions:
- How can inquiry pedagogies guide science learning?

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