ERDG 310 Reflective Practice Week 7

Personally reflect on your semester and your journey to promoting a love of reading.

  1. Where do you feel most confident in promoting literacy?

Teaching new literacy, particularly the new forms of literacy made possible by digital technology, Since I grew up with the internet, I’ve learned the unspoken rules of the online world. Make sure you fact-check your information. Don’t believe everything you see and read, especially on social media. I also took EDTC 300 and EDTC 400. In EDTC 300, using technology and media in teaching and learning, as well as the transformational implications that emergent digital tools and networks have on schools and society, my classmates and I investigated how technology and media are used to enhance learning. In addition, the course provided a hands-on approach to learning about technology integration. The course encouraged me to critically think about the consequences of living in a digital world and how it affects the classroom. While EDTC 400 taught me advanced techniques for integrating technology into teaching and learning, as well as an in-depth examination of the effects of developing technologies and media on students, teachers, and society at large,In this course, my classmates and I participated in critical conversations about technology and how it connects to classroom practise in the settings of the province, the country, and the world at large.

  1. How do you personally interpret “Reading for a Better World”?

Reading for a Better World means analyzing texts that develop self-awareness and texts that create empathy with others. It is about reading stories about people who have a totally different lifestyle and then learning how to empathize with their experiences. It is about reading books about people’s different beliefs and understanding why they believe what they believe, even if their beliefs are different from yours.

  1. Where are you feeling a bit nervous or unsure? How will you address this?

Picking out books that are age-appropriate I loved reading as a child, and I would actively read books that challenged me and books that had graphic content. I am nervous that the texts I pick are too far above the reading levels of my students. Also, I worried that the content in the books I chose is too mature for the students to handle. I need to have people I can ask if the books I pick are age-appropriate for my students. They can recommend other books that may be more suited to the books I pick.


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