ECS 401 Week 6 Takeaway

  1. Effective feedback is divided into three sections. First, a teacher must inform the student that they performed well on the assignment. Second, the instructor must inform the student of what has to be improved, and last, the teacher must instruct the pupils on how to improve.
  2. Feedback is a vital skill that students must master in order to participate in peer and self-assessment effectively. When students participate in peer and self-assessment, they are aware of the learning objectives, understand what success looks like, can offer feedback in their local language, and can provide alternate viewpoints on future steps.
  3. What are learning goals? They are short, simple statements in student-friendly language that outline what students should know or be able to perform at the conclusion of the instructional time. They design how students will show what they know and are capable of doing, set success criteria, and develop means for students to verify they comprehend these requirements. They design techniques to ensure students grasp the success criteria as part of their instructional preparation.

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