A Year Later: Update on EDTC 300 Learning Project

So it’s been a year since I started to learn how to sew, particularly hand sewing. Since then I actually bought a sewing machine (got it from Walmart). I also think I was driven to buy it because of COVID boredom.

Brother JX1420 Sewing Machine

Learning to use a sewing machine is not that hard. The main things to learn are:

  • the parts of your sewing machine (every sewing machine is a bit different)
  • learn  to thread your sewing machine
  • how to use the bobbin pin
  • This wikiHow will guide you through the basics: Use a Sewing Machine 
Second-hand fabrics

Fabricland is a great place to buy fabric, but a cheaper and most sustainable alternative is to buy fabric from thrift stores. I got my fabric from Value Village. Most of the tine thrift stores don’t sell fabric bolts, but there are a lot of bed sheets, curtains, and table cloths that can be used.

Here are some of the finished sewing projects that I made from second-hand bedsheets.

One of my current sewing projects is learning how to make a pleated skirt.  I didn’t know that there are many types of pleated skirts they were. There are knife pleated, box pleated, inverted/reverse pleated skits, etc.  I decided to sew a knife-pleated skirt. I don’t want to make a long skirt because I want to save fabric for another project. So I aim to make a tennis skirt. Something that looks like this.

White Tennis Pleated Skirt

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