Mini Lesson March 11

This week Sarah McCaskill and I taught a lesson on digital rights and responsibilities and digital access. We chose to teach digital rights/responsibilities and digital access because both were elements in Digital Citizenship.  Digital access (universal access) is a digital right.

Digital Citizenship: Lessons & resources for high school students (grades 9-12)

According to Canada’s Digital Chater Canadians have 10 Principle Rights. I went over the 10 Principles in my lecture and use them for my breakout group activity.  I think that the content I presented was very informative and practical. Students are taught about the Canadian Charter of Rights and so know their rights as Canadian citizens. Rights such as freedom of expression, mobility rights and equality rights etc. And so students should also be taught their rights and responsibilities as digital citizens.

In my part of the lesson, I went over the 10 principles. Each of these principles can be a lesson in itself. When I was going over them with the class, I felt very rushed. I think that if I choose 2-3 similar principles, that had overlapping traits such as the right to  “universal access” and a right for “a level playing field,” the lesson would have been more cohesive. 

The 10 Principles of the Charter

Another thing I would have changed was the teaching strategies I used. I think I should have done less direct teach and lecture. The first part of my lesson was mostly me just explaining things. Although in the second part I use the Jigsaw method of teaching, I feel that if I had more activities it would have been more engaging.

I’m very glad about this experience. Although looking back and realizing there are many things I wanted to change. I see the value of reflecting after a lesson and writing out what worked and didn’t work. I will definitely take into account this experience in future lessons.

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