Review of EDTC 400 Mini-lessons February 11

In Sarah S and Paige S’s mini-lesson, they focused on the topic of digital footprints.  A digital footprint is the traces of activity a person leaves online when they use the internet. Sarah S and Paige S were able to use multimedia to explain what a digital footprint is. They discuss with the class its implication in education, particularly how students monitor their digital footprint.

In Kelsey P and Sarah W’s mini-lesson, they focused on digital citizenship. Digital citizenship is the concept of how people should act online, including how we interact with others. 

Like Sarah S and Paige S, they were able to use multimedia to explain and discuss their topic. Using a Jamboard they initiated a discussion about the difference between offline and online behaviour in breakout rooms. My breakout group and I were able to brainstorm how we acted online compared to how we acted offline. We noted that there were many behavioural differences. For example, when a person is interacting with another person offline they are able to read body language and react to it, while online that’s not possible. 

Another component of digital citizenship they taught was how a student should act when they encountered inappropriate content and dangerous/suspicious situations online. In the lecture, Kelsey P and Sarah W gave real-life scenarios of students encountering such situations. They even shared personal experiences of being in similar situations.

Overall I think that both mini-lessons were informative and interactive.  Although both of these mini-lessons were formatted for online learning, I think that these lessons could be taught offline. As long as the students have a device I think that the lessons could be taught offline.

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