This is the skyscape from my backyard. My backyard and bedroom face south, so if I look left from my window I can see the sunrise and if I look right I can see the sunset. I also live near the airport so I can see airplanes and their cirrus cloud fly across the sky.  I can see geese fly back to Regina in the spring and fly south during fall. I can also see the constellation Orion.  My family loves to watch the sunset, especially my mom. My mom says that the sunsets back home, the Philippines, are not as beautiful as they are here. I think it is because in the Philippines there are mountains, jungles, and buildings covering the sky, while here it’s just open space.

scenic beauty of the sunset Stock Photo 09

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One thought on “Sunsets”

  1. I also love sunsets! I am soon moving to the east end and I can’t wait for all the beautiful views out my bedroom window. Although Saskatchewan has its cold and bitter winters, the sky never fails to disappoint me!


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