Twitter as A Professional Tool

Questions: Reflect on the Twitter chat we participated in tonight. Whether you have been active on Twitter or whether you are coming back to the platform after some time off.                                                                                Last spring I took EDTC 300. There I made my first Twitter account. Since then I have not been active on it. I decided a few weeks after my EDTC 300 class ended to deactivated my account because I thought I would never have to use it again. This year when I had to pick an elective I chose EDTC 400. I picked ETC 400 because I really enjoy EDTC 300. I forgot that EDTC 400 is required to have Twitter. So I had to create a new account and start from scratch. So it’s been a while, and my Tweeting skills are rusty.

What are your thoughts about Twitter as a tool for professional development?
I think tt’s what you make out of it. An example would be me. I only utilize Twitter for my EDTC 300 class – when I had to. I learned to use the basics of Twitter.

What do you see as the benefits and downsides to Twitter chats from the perspective of an educator?


  • Great way to stay informed of educational news (depends on who you follow)
  • Great way to find resources and events
  • Great way to share your opinion and listen to other people’s opinion
  • Great way to network (locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally)


  • Superficial relationships (Twitter is like an additive to support a relationship whether online or off online)
  • Toxic behaviour  (there are some users who use Twitter in a negative way)
  • Twitter can censure your tweets


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