EDTC 400 Introduction

A picture of me in Huston, Texas

Hello, I’m Richelle Guerra, and here are some things about me:

  • I’m in my third year of university.
  • I am studying middle years education. 
  • I took EDTC 300 last winter semester. 
  • I grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan 
  • I’m a first-generation Filipino immigrant 
  • I like to travel 
  • and I like reading.

Three goals I want to work on this semester:

  1. Be active and maintain it on some social media platform. 
  2. To follow digital etiquette –  such as the rules in the pamphlet Maintaining Professionalism in a digital world.
  3. Find and make a repertoire of new platforms and digital resources to use for educational purposes. 

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Teacher in training.

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