My Current Digital Identity

According to Wikipedia, a digital identity is “information on an entity used by computer systems to represent an external agent.”   In other words, a digital identity is a body of information an external agent, most often a person or an organization presents and creates on the internet and social media.  As autonomous agents, we have control of the information we present and create online. 

What is my current digital identity?

As of January 2021, the social media platforms I use are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, and Pinterest.  I categorize them into two groups, I have my professional social media and my leisure social media. In my professional social media, I make myself more public. The main function of my professional social media is to use them to connect to other professionals and share resources with professionals. Meanwhile, in my leisure social media accounts, their function is for fun. 

My posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter are open to the public and the videos on my professional Youtube account can only see by the people I send the link to. For my  Tiktok and Pinterest, I usually just watch and like TikTok videos and on Pinterest posts. I don’t post anything and I privatize the videos and posts I like.  I try to remain anonymous. 

What does my public digital identity say about who I am as an educator?

Not much. I do not have much content on any of my platforms. Last year I created a Twitter account for my EDTC 300, but since then have deactivated it. In this class, I had to create a new account because I lost all of the information on my old Twitter account. And my Facebook is used for student purposes, like looking for second-hand textbooks or communicating with my peers on a group project. I have a digital identity as a student, but not as an educator.

What are some areas that I would like to work on with respect to my digital identity?

To create a professional educator digital identity. I don’t have a full plan, but I’m going to start with following other educators’ accounts, comment on them, and post from my own accounts.



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