Unit Eight The Role of Treaties

What is the most important aspect of what you have learned about teaching treaties in the classroom?

The most important aspect I have learnt about teaching treaties in the classrooms is that it needs to be taught as a community. Teachers should not solely rely on themselves to teach treaties but partner themselves with other teachers, aboriginal educators, and aboriginal elders.  Co-educators can help you be accountable, they will be able to correct your mistakes,  and help you learn from your mistakes, and add more depth and meaning to your teaching.

How can treaties be a bridge to harmonious relations for First Nations and Non-First-Nations?

Treaties can be bridges to relations between First Nations and Non-First-Nations because it can act as the basis to revive the old treaty relationships and create a new treaty relationship with First Nations and Non-First Nations.

Write a reflection to Koops’ work on Treaty Walking and Songwriting.

Reading through Koops’ Treaty Walking and Songwriting reminded me that Treaty Education must be integrated in the entire curriculum. As a musician I know that music is a universal language. Most people forget the important of arts education. Unlike other subjects art like music is a universal language.  Usually teachers incorporate treaty education into social studies, history or English class. Koops taught treaty education through music. She used her musical talents to write the music and wrote the lyrics using references and quote from treaty resources and perspectives. Not only was Koops able to teach head knowledge about the treaties but she was able to gain empathy from others using music.


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