Network Learning

One of the skills taught in EDTC 300  was network learning. Network learning is the ability to connect with people and share information, ideas, and opinions online. There are many ways to network. Using social media, messaging platforms, following blogs/vlogs, etc. Networking is also a great way to build your digital identity and presence.

To network, we mainly used Slack, Twitter, and commented on each others’ blogs. Using these devices my classmates and I were supposed to help each other with their learning projects and share our opinions/ideas on other topics. I think that my classmates contributed to my learning project more, them I contributed to theirs.


I didn’t use Twitter as much as Slack and connecting with others on their blogs, but as a class, we participated in a TweetChat on TweetDeck. That was an interesting way to share opinions in a mass-produced and fast-paced way.


Here is where my classmates contributed to the start of my project.


I was the only one in the class that picked sewing for their learning project, while others picked how to learn chess, crochet, photograph, etc. So I was not able to give them advice for the actual projects. But I was able to share what applications could help enhance their blog posts and advice on learning techniques in general.

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