Learning How to Code

My First Experience with Coding

My first experience with coding was confusing. It was for a science class in elementary school. The assignment was to reconstruct a robot then code it. Building the robot was easy because there was step by step instructions. It was like building a lego set. But coding was another story. My classmates and I had no experience with coding. We had to hook the robot up to a computer and use a website/program to code it. The program used block coding like this:

Blockly | Google Developers
(Image taken from https://developers.google.com/blockly)

The teacher had minimal experience with coding and so my classmates and I just followed her instructions to the “t”. We programed the robots but we didn’t understand how the coding made the robots move. I felt like I didn’t lean anything.

Coding in EDTC 300

When I hear that the assignment for EDTC 300 this week was to experiment with coding I was apprehensive because of my past experience. But was easier then I thought it was. The game has video instruction and text instructions so its great for visual/audio and text learners. It was actually fun and I understood how I was controlling the avatars’ movements with coding and I learned some stuff about coding unlike my prior experiences in elementary school.

The New Lingua France

Lingua Franca is “a language used for communication between groups of people who speak different languages” (Cambridge Dictionary).  Latin used to be the Lingua Franca of Medieval Europe and today English is the Lingua Franca of the world. I would argue that coding can also be the new Lingua Franca of the world. As an immigrant, I know the power of speaking the Lingua Franca – English. It gives you more opportunities in schools, careers, and access to resources. This is why many non-English speakers learn to speak English because we see as English a tool used to build a better life. As the world becomes more digital-oriented the more people are going to use coding. I believe that teaching students coding is important because knowing how to code it is a tool that will give students more opportunities, just like how speaking English gave me more opportunities to learn and have access to things I would have access to if I didn’t speak English

I went to Code.org and pick the Dance Party course.


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