Week #9 – Self Teaching Myself How to Hand Sew

For EDTC 300 Learning Project I’ve chosen to teach myself how to sew. This assignment tests out the idea that students can learn how to teach themselves using online resources.

Before the Learning Project, I barely knew how to sew. I once mended a tear on a dress but that was the extent of my sewing skills.  Looking back at my weekly learning posts  I have seen that progress I have made since my first attempt at stitching a seam to creating bags, hair accessories and making alternations.  I am very proud of the progress I made this past semester, especially since I self-taught myself how to sew using online resources.

Most of the online resources I used were various how-to Youtube videos or blogs about based sewing, crafting, homemaking. etc.  The main blog I went to the most was apartment therapy and it was this post, How To Sew by Hand: 6 Helpful Stitches for Home Sewing Projects, on this site that I found the most helpful.

In the first few weeks,(Week #2, Week #3, Week #4) I focused on learning various stitches. I learnt how the stitches have different purposes, such as whip stitch and blanket stitch are most commonly used for sewing separate pieces of fabric together, slip stitch is best used for hemming, backstitch is the strongest stitch and is the “go-to” stitch. In my first blog post, I made a goal of learning how to sew ten stitches, but over the past few weeks, I realized that the number of stitches I wanted to learn was too much and that focuses on master fewer stitches was easier. Plus, learning how to stitch a straight line was a project itself.

Whip Stitch
Blanket Stitch
Catch Stitch
Running Stitch
Slip Stitch/Ladder Stitch (inside out)

Here is my first sewing project. It’s a simple bag and making it is even simpler. You only need to type of stitch and one piece of fabric.

You can see the crooked stitching and the uneven top.

(Image credit: Richelle Guerra)

compare this to the draw string bag I made in week #5. This used multiple types of stitches, uses at least three separate pieces of fabric, and uses hemming technique.

Animated GIF
(Richelle Guerra, “Drawstring Bag”. Giphy. 23 Feb 2020, https://giphy.com/gifs/elIfVGQXN6ICx0tM

Although I have learnt how to sew the basics, I have learnt more than just sewing. I have learned to search for useful resources, learning how to self asses on what types of instructions I understand the most. (visual) How to communicate my learnings with other people.

Other projects:

Medical mask
Tote Bag

Although this Learning Project is over I still plan to continue to learn how to sew. I recently just bought a sewing machine and I’m excited to learn how to use it and create new things.

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