Week #8 – How to Sew a Hair Bow

What you need:

  • fabric
  • a needle
  • some thread 
  • some headpins
  • an alligator clip 
  • a glue gun with a glue stick 
  • an iron

This is the tutorial I used DIY Hair Bow | Sewing. This video tutorial was easy to follow but there were some steps that it didn’t address. Such as what stitches to use, how big should the seam allowance be, and how to knot a needle.

These are the other resources use to help me sew.

How to thread and knot a needle – How to Tie a Knot in Thread: Sewing for Beginners 

How to sew a backstitch – How to To Sew by Hand: 6 Helpful Stitches for Home Sewing Projects

EDTC 300: Week #8 – How to Sew a Hair Bow

In this video, I show how to sew a hair bow.





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