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What is cybersleuth?

According to PC Magazine, a cybersleuth is a “person who searches the Internet for information about a company, both positive and negative, to keep abreast of public opinion. All Internet facilities are used, including the Web, newsgroups and chat rooms.”

Why is this relevant?

In my EDTC 300 class, our assignment this week is to go cybersleuthing on one of our classmates and see how much information we find on each other. I was able to find their birthday, where they went to school,  and biographical information on them uses social media, such as Facebook, Twitter etc. I even found their blog through Google. It is really scary that with just a few searches anyone can find out information about another.

That adds pressure to create a persona that protects your private life. But should you create a different personality online to protect your privacy? I don’ t think this is a smart decision, especially because people nowadays can judge you use your social media. When people meet you the might seem a discrepancy with the online you and the real you.

Educators, whether the like it or not, are in the public’s eye. Educators, especially teachers are expected to be good role models not just in school or outside of it too. But with these expectations people can create an ideal version of themselves, but not their real selves. Often people show “an edited version of life on social media. People share moments that reflect an ideal life, an ideal self” (Split Image) Educators have to be authentic online while maintaining their privacy. People, not just educators, have to learn how to balance authenticity and privacy both online and offline.

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