Week #7 – Alternative: Alterations

When I think about how much I spend on clothing I cringe. Think about it there are four seasons here in Canada. That’s one set of clothing for each season. Clothing for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Sure you can downsize it to two sets of clothing a year – Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, but there are still other factors such as if you want to keep up with the latest trend or if your clothes tear or get stained you would have to shop for new clothes or at least thrift, anyhow you are still spending money.

There is an alternative solution to buying new clothes – you can alter/redesign your clothes.

In my high school years, blouses with frilly ends were a trend. It’s been a while and so this trend is outdated. I still like the blouse but it’s not my style anymore so it’s been sitting in my wardrobe. I knew I could give it away but I decided to try to update it with alterations. Black and white stripes are a tread also having a long-sleeve in basic colours area must have basic items for a versatile wardrobe. I realized I could just cut off the frilly part create a basic long-sleeved shirt. After cutting the frilly part I hemmed the ends where I cut to make sure the steams don’t loosen. Altering my blouse saved me at least 15 dollars. A long-sleeved shirt would have cost me at least 15 dollars, 10 dollars if I found a really good discount.

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3 thoughts on “Week #7 – Alternative: Alterations”

  1. What a great idea! This looks great, and what a useful skill to learn! My grandma was the only one who could sew in our family, so she would always do it for us. She used to hem my pants for me when I was little! Now without her, we don’t have anyone to make alterations to our clothes! Keep up the great work!


  2. I can agree, thinking about how much I spend on clothes is terrifying. I never thought of altering my clothes to make them fit in with the trends so I could get more wear out of them. I am bad for having things sit in my closet because I tell myself “I’ll eventually wear it”. Your product turned out great! I have just started thrifting and buying jeans and turning them into shorts! If you buy the men’s Levi jeans they turn out to look like the vintage festival look and are so cute!! Have you ever tried anything like this?


  3. Saving money as a student is always a good idea. It is smart that you are learning alterations now because it will always help to have that skill going forward. Keep up the good work.


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