Week #6 – Tips and Tricks

This week I decided to sew a hair ribbon since I still have excess from fabric from sewing my drawstring bag from last week. I followed a tutorial, called DIY Hair Bow | Sewing, on Youtube. After a few weeks of following video tutorial, I’ve picked up on three tips on how to follow tutorial videos more easily.

  1. Go to settings and click the playback speed to watch the video in slow motion. It is easier to see small details that the instructions do not state explicitly.
  2. Rewatch the video in smaller segments. Take it one step a step.
  3. It’s ok not to follow the exact instructions. You might find a more efficient way.

I found that playing this tutorial at 0.75 speed really help with seeing the step by step process. Many tutorial videos do not directly state “this is step 1” or “next is step 2.” There are many times where you as the audience have to deconstruct the video into steps in order to follow the tutorial.

This is a picture of the before and after product. It’s amazing how a person can take a piece of cloth and create a whole new object.


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4 thoughts on “Week #6 – Tips and Tricks”

  1. Thank you for the pointers about watching videos step by step. I have been using YouTube almost exclusively for learning origami and I’m constantly hitting pause and rewatching steps as they go faster than what I can fold the paper. I’m going to try changing the playback speed for my project this week. Good job on your sewing project. It looks like you’re picking up on things really quickly. You’ll be sewing all your own clothes before you know it! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I love being able to change the speed on a youtube video! Especially when it’s a long video that I want to speed up! Awesome job on your hair ribbon. Looks great. 🙂


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