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I decided to use Feedly because I find that I like the interface of the website compared to Digg and Inoreader. That’s just my preference. The great thing about Feedly is that it has a lot of content on different topics,  so it’s a great place to find content on education. But on the other hand there so much educational content that it’s a bit of an information overload. I decided to narrow my content search to content related to elementary education, educational technology, and anything that has to do with being updated to the newest changes in educational policies.

I found this blog that covers politics, current events, and other related topics and how it affects the education system. Although this is an American, blog most content I found can be transferred to a Canadain context. Take this article, for example,  “Flexible Seating: Collaboration Catalyst or Classroom Disaster?” (it’s not about politics but I thought I was interesting). To sum it up the articles argues the pros and cons of having flexible seating ( or non-traditional desk settings). In Canadian classroom flexible seating is starting to be implemented in some classrooms.  I think it’s good to look at different countries’ education systems and see what similarities there are and what they are doing differently.

Screenshot of one of the blogs I’m following

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