Reflecting on Twitter in Relation with Education

My Personal Experience with Twitter

My age peers (Generation Z) do use Twitter, but not as much as Instagram, Snapchat, or Youtube. I am one of those Gen Zers who would rather use Snapchat than Twitter. As you can guess that I didn’t have a Twitter account before this class, in fact, I just created a Twitter account last month. To be honest I did not touch my Twitter account until my EDTC 300 taught a how-to-use Twitter lesson. Even then I still didn’t get how to use Twitter. It was confusing. What really helped was the twitter chat my EDCT 300 class participated in.

Actually joining a live twitter chat help me learn how to use and navigate Twitter’s interface. I found out that it is very easy to use twitter. It a quick way to send a short thought on a topic and an easy way to initiate a conversation on said topic.

Sometimes Twitter is too fast. When I joint I did not know what to expect. Once the host of the chat started twitting questions to the group. The replies came so fast that it was overwhelming. By the time I answered the tweet the host already moved on to a new question. It was also hard to comment on other people’s tweets, we were moving too fast to digestion the tweet and make a thoughtful comment. Overall my personal experience so far with Twitter wasn’t as bad as I thought I would be.

Twitter in the Classroom

I don’t see students using Twitter for leisure, but I can see them using it for schooling. For example, tweeting general questions and comments to their class, the class would be able to give their answers to ideas. I think that if students are taking an online class Twitter can be a means of communication to each other while they are not currently in their online class.

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4 thoughts on “Reflecting on Twitter in Relation with Education”

  1. I agree even as a avid user of twitter that chat was very eye opening of how useful and all encompassing twitter can be. IT moved fast but it was amazing how all over Canada there were participants. So it is a great resource, but I still question like you how useful it would be in the classroom


  2. I had the same feelings about Twitter! The Twitter chat really helped me to get into Twitter now too. I used to open Twitter once a day to do my daily tweet and try to find something to comment on. Now I find myself opening Twitter many times a day just to browse in my downtime. I like your idea about using Twitter to communicate as a class! Great post!


  3. Agreed it can take a bit to grasp the usefulness of Twitter if you’re used to other platforms like Snapchat or Instagram. I remember when I first heard about Twitter, I likened it to back in the day when people used to use Facebook just to give status updates about themselves (before everyone starting posting photos on it). To me Twitter started out as just giving status updates. Now it has turned into more of a news platform or, in our case, a place to build our PLN. I agree that it was hard to keep up with all the responses during the Twitter chat. At first I was going back to read everyone’s responses but they were coming in quicker than I could read them so I gave up on that and just had to accept I would miss reading some. Hopefully after you take part in a few more you’ll become more comfortable with it.


  4. I was the exact same in which I did not use Twitter before this class and also found it to be confusing at first. The Twitter chat was a great thing to take part in and learn how navigate Twitter. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and good luck in your learning!


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