What is a “Good” Student?

According to most schools, a “good” student is someone who is quiet, follows instructions, and hands in assignments on time. Students who don’t talk back or question the teachers, and follow their orders benefit from this definition of a “good” student. The “good” students avoid punishment and are rewarded for obedience.  On the other hand, students who do not follow their teachers’ instructions and question what they are learning are labelled as disruptive and uncooperative. They are punished for behaviours that are deemed inappropriate. Most often these punishments hindered the students learning and hurt the social reputation.

This definition of a “good” student is the norm.  Because of this, it is hard to understand this definition of a  “good” student is subjective.  A “good” student depends on the societal context. In our society, people want workers who will follow orders and not question authority. The school system, whether consciously or subconsciously conditions students to become this type of worker.  If society wanted independent thinkers and inventors the definition of a “good” student would be vastly different.

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