Week #2

This week I decided to work on simple stitching. I practiced these two stitching the running  stitch and the catch stitch  from “How To Sew by Hand: 6 Helpful Stitches for Hime Sewing Projects.” 

The running stitch is a basic stitch and can be used to temporarily hold fabrics together.  In my first attempt at sewing, the running stitch I couldn’t get the spacing between the stitches even and I had a hard time keeping the line straight.  In this picture, you can see that my stitching is starting to curve. I had to restart my stitch, which I found my self doing a lot.  I started with longer stitches because I found out that it was easier to sew then stitching in smaller lengths.  Once I got the hang of it. I  sewed the stitches into smaller lengths. The smaller the length of the stitch the strong it will hold the fabric.

The second stitch, the catch stitch,  is used for hemming. What is hemming? Hemming is a  finishing method for fabrics. It is when the end of a piece of fabric is folded and then sewn together to make sure the fabric doesn’t rip.

It wasn’t as hard to stitch as I had initially thought. But applying these stitches to create clothing or other articles of clothes. Now that’s going to be a challenge.

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