Week #1

For my learning project, I decided to learn how to sew using online resources. I want to learn how to sew because first, I don’t want to be wasteful and second I want to save money. For example, if I have a shirt with a hole or a tear I could sew it instead of throwing it away and buying a new shirt.

I do have some experience in sewing. I had a dress that had a torn strap. I could have asked my mom to sew it together for me, but I realized that sewing is a practical skill I should know. So I decided to do what every Gen. Z would do. Google it!

(Image credit: Richelle Guerra)

I found this website apartment therapy where I learnt that slip stitch/ladder stitch and used this type of stitch to fix my dress’ strap.  Fortunately,  I found some sewing tools and tread in my house. so I didn’t have to buy new needles and tread.

(Image credit: Richelle Guerra)

This is the dress after I sew the strap. If you look closely you can see that I couldn’t quite make that the stitching look seamless. One of my end goals is to be able to make stitch seem like it was always supposed to be there. 

I plan on learning how to make at least 10 different stitches by the end of this learning project. This project is not only going to make me learn how to sew, but also test my diligence and time management skills. It will teach me how to self-study. I can’t wait to see the progression of my sewing skills thought out the coming weeks.


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4 thoughts on “Week #1”

  1. Hi Richelle! I think that learning how to sew is a great idea! I am learning how to crochet and I also wanted to learn something that is practical. It’s awesome that you have the materials you already needed because supplies can get really expensive. Something that I might suggest to add for next time is a title that explains what your post is about. Good luck with your project!


  2. Hi Richelle,

    What a great skill you are learning! How long did it take to learn the first stitch? How do you plan on prioritizing your time to learn 10 different stitches over the next 11 weeks?


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