My Experience with Technology in the Classroom

Hello, I’m Richelle Guerra and welcome to my blog.
I’m a second-year Bachelor of Education (middle years) student. I went to a private elementary school and high school and I graduated in 2018.

You would think that a private school would have all the latest technology and be able to teach the student with it but unfortunately, that was not the case. In my elementary school, there was a computer lab, but the school barely utilized the computers. In my high school years, it did get better. My high school had cubicles instead of a desk and in each cubicle had a laptop later on the school got rid of the computers replaced them with laptops that the students could carry around the school. The laptops were hand-me-downs from another school. They were bulky and heavy to carry, but durable. They looked similar to this laptop.

dscf0861“dscf0861” by jamierytlewski is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Each class also had a SMARTboard, alongside with whiteboards. So my school still used traditional tools with technology.

Using our own devices like iPhones were not permitted in class. We could use it from outside of class for personal use. But the school did not let the student use their devices for school work.

The school offered Information Processing 10 (IP 10) and Information Processing 20 (IP 20). Both of which I took. These courses taught the student how to use all the functions of Word and Excel. They also the students a bit of graphic designing and how to valid websites and information online.

The school also used an app called Parent Portal, which let the parents and students know their current grade. They also use another app called myHomework, which kept track of upcoming assignments and their graded scores.
I have some experience with learning about and through technology, but I have never been experienced creating using technology.

I am new at blogging and I don’t read or follow people’s blogs. So I don’t have much information to based my opinions on blogging. But I do think blogging to another tool that students and teachers should know how to use. It is a great way to express your opinions and share your experience less formally then writing an essay.
I am a bit nervous in writing a blog but I am excited to learn how to create a website and write content.

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